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Something to See in Utah

Beautiful Utah  

Certain areas in the world are known for rocks. Illinois is known for corn, soybeans, and Chicago. Canada is known for hockey and maple syrup. St. George, Utah is known for rocks. Rocks are everywhere. We build our houses on rocks. The earth is essentially a large rock. Given the prevalence of rocks, it takes some unique features to be a famous destination for viewing rocks. What makes the rocks in St. George unique?

  1. Red Rocks- Due to the presence of iron oxide, much of the natural rock formation in the St. George area has a vivid red hue.
  2. Kaibab Limestone- Formed during the Permian period, this limestone is a greyish fossil rich formation
  3. Moenkopi Formation- Formed during the Triassic period, Moenkopi is a combination of brownish-red mudstone, shale, and limestone.
  4. Shinarump Conglomerate- Also formed during the Triassic period, this brown and yellow formation contains fossilized seashells and wood.
  5. Chinle Formation- Alright, you may be wondering what the difference between a formation and a conglomerate is. Blame the geologist. They’re the ones responsible for the terminology. The Chinle Formation is purple, white, and green shale. It’s quite impressive.
  6. Moenave Formation- Formed during the Jurassic Period. Yes. The same Jurassic Period that has a bunch of movies named after it. Certainly T-Rex traversed across the orange and red siltstone of the Moenave Formation.
  7. Kayenta Formation- Also, Jurassic Period. How many more formations are there? Well, after this one, there is only one left. The Kayenta Formation has some stunning purple, orange and red shalestone.
  8. Navajo Sandstone- We’ve finally arrived at the end of our journey. Is it any wonder why St. George is known for rocks? The stunning Navajo Sandstone is a massive red, brown, and white sandstone.      


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