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Salt Flats and Dinosaurs

Maybe you’ve already visited Utah’s 5 stunning National Parks. Here’s a list of 5 more places top-rated locations to visit in the Beehive State.

  1. Bonneville Salt Flats: Move along, there’s nothing to see here. That’s quite literally the point of the Salt Flats. There is nothing as far as the eye can see for miles and miles. This 30,000-acre desert wilderness is covered by a hard crust of almost perfectly flat salt. The Salt Flats will be occasionally covered by a thin layer of water in the winter season. This vast empty space attracts at least one group of people. There are two annual motor vehicle races across the smooth surface of the Salt Flats. These races are all about breaking the land speed record. Current records are over 700 miles per hour.
  2. Dinosaur National Monument: Who doesn’t love Jurassic Park? Fortunately, these fossilized dinosaurs aren’t coming to life anytime soon. This monument is home to over 15,000 ancient fossils, many of which are embedded in a cliff wall. The Dinosaur Quarry building was built over the top of a large portion of the cliff wall to allow visitors to view the fossils without enduring the sometimes-harsh desert climate.
  3. Natural Bridges National Monument: Say that 10 times fast. This out of the way attraction is home to three natural land bridges. What’s the difference between an arch at Arches National Park and a land bridge? That might be a question for the philosophers, but it may simply be the ease of being able to walk across a land bridge.
  4. Dead Horse Point State Park: There are over 2,000 good reasons to visit this state park. Almost all of those reasons are the 2,000-foot cliffs that offer breath-taking lookouts across a vast and colorful desert landscape.
  5. The Great Salt Lake: One of the saltiest bodies of water in the world, the Great Salt Lake, similar to the Dead Sea, allows swimmers to float without much effort. The lake is currently about 7 times saltier than the world’s oceans. Don’t forget to stop by Antelope Island State Park on the south side of the lake.    


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