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Simple Steps to Pack for Traveling

Traveling can be stressful. You can pack all of your stuff at the last minute and forget your underwear, or you can prepare ahead of time with these simple tips.

  1. Pack Light Pack Tight: Space is the commodity of traveling. Clothes are the main culprit of taking up lots of space in your luggage. If you want to pack like a professional, use a vacuum-seal appliance to shrink your clothes down to half the size. If you don’t want to invest in a vacuum-seal, rolling your clothes saves more space than folding.
  2. Back-Up Plan: Bring an outfit of clothing and hygiene items in your carry-on. It’s an unfortunate side effect of traveling that your bag may end up missing. It sometimes will take a day or two for the airlines to locate your bag and bring it to you. Remember that airlines have strict rules for bringing any liquids. You might want to bring some cash on your person as well.
  3. Lock your Bag: You will need to buy a special lock for traveling. It is one that TSA can open to inspect your bag. If you use a regular lock, don’t be surprised if your lock or bag is not in one piece when you get there.
  4. Leave Early: You never can be certain there won’t be traffic from a car wreck or some other uncontrollable circumstance. There’s something awful about missing a flight. It might be the huge fee your airline will likely hit you with or your ruined plans. Make sure you sure you leave for the airport with enough time to get you there two hours early.
  5. Prepare for Security: Make sure all of your electronics are easy to access.


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